Advisory Services

Services & Pricing

JRW Advisory Services will ensure our actions align with your personal goals

Pricing (new clients as of 1/1/2021)

Service Descriptions

Financial Plan Only

Your one-time comprehensive financial plan will include:

  • Values and Goals identification, documentation, and alignment

  • Personal Balance Sheet

  • Personal Income Statement

  • Personal Cash Flow Analysis

  • Lifetime Financial Outlook

  • Tax Optimized Savings Recommendations, i.e. retirement accounts, college savings, HSAs, etc.

  • Investment Observations and Suggestions

  • Estate Planning Analysis

  • Insurance Needs Analysis - Medical, Life, Home, Auto, Liability, Long Term Care

  • Long Term Care Planning including Social Security and Medicare

  • Tax Efficient Charitable Giving

Financial Plan with Ongoing Help to Get it All Done

Includes all feature of the Financial Plan plus ongoing support including:

  • Introductions to trusted professionals - attorneys, tax advisors, bankers, insurance agents, etc.

  • Bank and brokerage account consolidation and simplification

  • Investment alignment guidance across accounts

  • Documentation organization and storage - cloud-based or physical

  • Progress Tracking of past, current, and next steps

  • Quarterly Check-Ins

  • Mid-Year Review

  • Phone, Email, and Virtual Support

Investment Management Only

JRW Advisory Services provides access to low cost custodians and funds as well as:

  • Personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) stating investment objectives and how they will be achieved

  • Risk profile consideration, clarity and documentation

  • Consolidation of brokerage (after tax) and qualified (tax deferred) accounts

  • Review of and recommendations for 401(k) and non-managed investments

  • Quarterly rebalancing of managed investments

  • Performance monitoring with quarterly updates

  • Funds transfers where requested and authorized

  • Private investment opportunities if suitable

  • Phone, Email, and Virtual Support

All Service Package

Includes all features from the Financial Plan, Help in Getting it All Done and Investment Management.

Planning Process



60 - 90 Minutes

Values, Goals and Design

Meetings (2x)

60 - 90 Minutes



30 - 60 Minutes

Ongoing Support

You tell us about:

  • Your current issues and future goals

  • Your financial situation

JRW will describe:

  • How we work

  • How much you pay

  • What you can expect

Together we'll review:

  • Your existing accounts and policies

  • Your current plan

Together we'll decide:

  • Whether to move forward together or not

  • What we will do together and what you will do elsewhere or on your own

JRW will provide:

  • Values and Goals guiding document

  • A one-page Accounts Summary

  • Initial financial observations and suggestions

  • An initial Lifetime Financial Outlook (LFO)

You will provide us with:

  • Your personal Values and Goals

  • Initial feedback

  • Updates since our Discovery Meeting

  • Additional details and documents

Together we'll discuss:

  • Current progress

  • Inconsistencies in the summary

  • Shortcomings in the initial suggestions and LFO

JRW will deliver a written financial plan including observations, comments and suggestions on: 

  • Cash flow (budget)

  • Investments

  • Insurance

  • Estate

  • Step-by-Step guide to your personal financial Goals aligned with your personal Values

You will determine whether:

  • The plan meets our agreement

  • To change it or or accept it

Together we'll agree on:

  • Next steps

  • Whether to bring in additional expertise

If you elect to have JRW provide ongoing support you can expect:

  • Hands-on help with brokerage, bank, insurance account management (distinct from investment management)

  • Quarterly Check-ins

  • A Mid-Year Review

  • Unlimited support by phone, email, and virtual meeting

  • Real-time adaptation to new circumstances

  • Progress tracking and accountability